Aircraft Paint & Restoration Specialist

Aircraft Paint and Restoration Specialist
Aircraft Painter
Occupation: Painters, Transportation Equipment
Location: SAN MARCOS, TX – 78666
Job #: 14083931

Primary Job Duties:

Perform application of paint systems per customer and manufacturer specifications.
Perform paint scheme layout per customer specifications.
Perform bodywork and fiberglass repairs.
Perform all detailing for delivery procedures; this includes, but is not limited to, detailing aircraft exterior in     preparation for delivery.
Perform all prep for paint procedures; this includes, but is not limited to; washing aircraft, application of filler primer, sanding of primer, masking in preparation for paint, assisting with masking for layout of paint scheme.
Perform all strip procedures; this includes, but is not limited to; masking for strip, spraying stripper,     performing detail strip after completion of initial strip of aircraft.
Other duties as assigned

Company Profile:
An Aircraft Refurbishment Business located in the heart of the hill country. We completely renovate the interior and exterior of aircraft. We are also an FAA certified repair station.
20-49 employees

Compensation and Hours
Salary Range: $49,253.00 – $69,000.00 Year Salary DOE (Depends on Experience)
Other Benefits: Regular
Day Shift
6 am -4:30 pm
M – F

Skills Required
Apply Adhesives, Caulking, Sealants, Or Coatings
Apply Cleaning Solvents
Clean Equipment Or Machinery
Control Operation Of Compressors
Distinguish Colors
Mask Vehicle Body In Preparation For Painting
Mix Paint, Ingredients, Or Chemicals, According To Specifications
Operate Mix Or Blending Machine
Operate Sandblasting Equipment
Prime Or Paint Vehicle Or Transportation Equipment Surfaces
Read Blueprints
Read Technical Drawings
Read Vehicle Manufacturer’s Specifications
Read Work Order, Instructions, Formulas, Or Processing Charts
Understand Service Or Repair Manuals
Understand Technical Operating, Service Or Repair Manuals
Use Auto Or Vehicular Body Repair Equipment
Use Hand Or Power Tools
Use Lifting Equipment In Vehicle Repair Setting
Use Pneumatic Tools
Use Precision Measuring Devices In Mechanical Repair Work
Use Spray Paint Equipment

Other requirements:

2+ Years of Aircraft Painting Experience (Preferred)
Basic Computer Skills
Layout Experience
Ability to follow Scheme Design Prints
High School diploma or equivelant
Legally allowed to work in the U.S.

Test Requirement: Employer will perform testing – Drug Testing/Screening, Reference Checks